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Friends of the 
Covered Bridge Trail
Nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching Blount County by
creating a public trail from a former rail in Blount County AL


Chief Ladiga Trail

Chief Ladiga Trail Map

Detail maps and updated rules and information on 
Aaron's Ride Chief Ladiga Trail page

It is a Rails-to-Trails type ride. From just east of Piedmont, Alabama, through town, and on west to Jacksonville a narrow asphalt ribbon follows an abandoned railroad bed through woods and neighborhoods. It crosses streams and a few roads. Some of the bridges are new. Some are improved railroad trestles, and all are great. On the other side of JSU campus the ribbon takes up again and goes to the town of Weaver. You can walk, run, bike, roller-blade, or what ever. No stinkin' engines allowed. The paved part of the trail is about 22 miles from one end to the other, as of February 2000. This means an out-and-back ride can be up to 44 miles with no side trips and only one section, which will cross the campus of JSU, incomplete. There are no steep grades on it so it is suitable for all. It is a great family ride and it is great for a hammer head who wants to ride a good level straight ride. It follows along hi-way 21 from Piedmont to Jacksonville. There are several good places to park in Piedmont with signs pointing the way. There is a good parking area on hi-way 204 at the current end of the trail in Jacksonville. If it is full you can park across the road on JSU campus. There is a large parking area at Germania Springs Park. Plans are in the works to extend it all the way to Anniston, Alabama and all the way in to Georgia. I have heard to Cedartown. The trail now ends in Weaver, Alabama. Signs also point the way to parking areas there. Visit Aaron's Ride Chief Ladiga Trail page for updates on the extending across the campus of JSU and from Weaver on toward Anniston .
This info from: Aaron's Ride

Chief Ladiga Trail
Endpoints: Maxwellborn to Calhoun/Cleburne county line
Location: Calhoun; Cleburne county.
Length: 15 miles.
Surface: Asphalt
Permitted Uses:
Contact: Tommy Allison, City of Piedmont, 109 North Center Avenue, 
P.O. Box 112, Piedmont , AL 36272-2013, (205)447-9007

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Chief Ladiga Trail

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For more information contact:
Friends of the Covered Bridge Trail
POB 1902 - Oneonta AL 35121-0021
Blount: Vicky Wilson 205-647-6961
              Cliff Robinson 205-429-3150
Jefferson: Mike Wesson 205-681-7899

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